Our Story

Mother holding her baby, breastfeeding mother.

Hello, I am Louise, the founder of Breast Intentions and a proud mum of two children. Breast Intentions focuses solely on breastfeeding and lactation products which are both unique and fit for purpose. All products have been carefully designed by myself, a UK based breastfeeding mother specifically to meet the needs and requirements of other mothers on their own breastfeeding journeys.

My breastfeeding journey started in 2020 after having my first child, a little boy. Prior to starting my breastfeeding journey, I was apprehensive about how it would go, how I would feel etc, therefore I tried not to put too much pressure on myself by having an end goal, instead choosing to focus on one day at a time. I was fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed my boy until he was 23 months old. Having fallen pregnant with my daughter when my son was 16 months old, I decided to leave a couple of months between ending my breastfeeding journey with my son to starting my breastfeeding journey with my daughter (to try and prevent any possible jealously issues from my son towards his new baby sister)- which worked well.

During my breastfeeding journey with both my son and daughter, I found that a number of breastfeeding products I purchased were not fit for purpose or could have been much better in terms of design, practicality and quality. Initially I found myself designing and creating my own breastfeeding products, of which made my own breastfeeding journey a more pleasant experience. I then wanted to bring my designs and ideas to market so that other breastfeeding mums can also experience and benefit from them, which is when Breast Intentions was formed.

The main purpose of Breast Intentions products is to try and solve a problem or a concern us mums may have when using breastfeeding products. Breast Intentions products are designed being both baby and mother focused with the added aim of trying to help mums normalise breastfeeding, especially in public, by providing fellow breastfeeding mums with the right products which can help develop confidence when breastfeeding in public. Breast Intentions hopes to facilitate via our unique products, in making breastfeeding journeys a more pleasant and enjoyable experience for both mother and baby.

We all have the ‘best intentions’ when starting our breastfeeding journeys and I hope that our unique products here at ‘Breast Intentions’ help and benefit all fellow mums on their own breastfeeding journeys.